Team Esquipium


Esquipium is combined with three world Somnium, Esperanza, and Equipe, Somnium means Dream in Latin, Esperanza means Hope in Spanish, and Equipe means Team in French. We hope for the best and wish gets good results.

Our team started in 2018, we have attended over 10 VEX Robotics Competitions around the state of Mass. We went against different teams and received awards due to our performances.


Esquipium currently consists of 5 members, Joseph, Ethan, Edward, Quinten, and Jingli. 

We are on our way to compete in the Southern New England VEX Robotics Competitions. And we all make sure to always try our hardest.



Shadow Bot


Lightning Bot

10102A & 10102Z

VEX EDR Middle School teams

Starts from 2019, Shadow Bot and Lightning Bot are two awesome middle school team that won many trophies and awards. Jeremy, Ethan, and Jason were doing amazing in the Southern New England regional qualification competitions and regional championship competition. 

Both teams made to the VEX Robotics World Championship in 2019 - 2020 season !

Our Robot

Heavy, stable, and strong!

To compete for the 2018 - 2019 VEX Robotics Competition game, Turning Point. We designed a large tank style robot. 

It has 6 wheels to move around. Two flywheels to shoot the ball. One rubber band intaker to grab the balls. Double flipping rollers to flip the cap. It is still using the legacy system to operate. It is very heavy and stable. All parts are holding very tight during the competition. But because it is heavy, it moves slow. 


It is a good robot to play defense and crush in position. 


The Head Coach


Chenyu Lin

3 years VEX Robotics Competition experience

VEX Robotics World Championship experience

Southern New England Region Champions

Master's degree from Brown University


VEX Award