About Us

The ultimate hands-on project-based learning experience

Vinci Robotics Academy is the parent-funded parent-running not for profit education organization in the Lexington/Burlington, MA area, with the goal of providing students with the ideal robotics and STEAM education environment to grow and refine students' problem solving skills, team collaboration, and innovation spirits through a series of hands-on, interdisciplinary, and project-based programs,


Furthermore, we hope all different kinds of students can have an equal chance to enjoy robotics and to learn STEAM subjects, especially for students with special needs. We work with professionals and specialists to customize robotics curriculums, and bring robotics to the classrooms of local special schools. We are proud we can guide students to work collaboratively as a team and maximize their creativity potential as well as individualized their paths to success.


Vinci Robotics Academy is part of iSTEAM Academy, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit STEAM education organization that strives to bring the best STEAM education to the local communities.


Thanks for all the support that parents and friends provided.